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Antonio Frozent


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Младший состав:

1-2 ранг

2 РП ситуации

Прибытие на захвате/похищении


2-3 ранг

3 РП ситуации

2 раза быть на захвате

Пополнить банк ресторана на 2000$


3-4 ранг

4 РП ситуации

2 раза на захвате и 1 раз при похищении

Пополнить банк ресторана на 3000$


4-5 ранг

5 РП ситуаций

4 раза на захвате

Пополнить банк ресторана на 5000$


5-6 ранг

6 РП ситуаций

5 Похищений

Пополнить банк ресторана на 8000$


Средний состав:

6-7 ранг

7 РП ситуаций

6 (похищений или захватов)

Пополнить банк на 10000$

1 раз на стреле


7-8 ранг

8 РП-шек

8 похищений

Пополнить банк на 12.000$

2 раза на стреле


8-9 ранг

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Finn Jones makes his earliest http://gamedeveloper...android-v2-21b/ as Ser Loras Tyrell, the young jouster known as "The Knight of Flowers." The casting was sole of the first to be announced, being confirmed via creator George R. R. Martin in June 2010 after it had been leaked before the commitment was to be signed. The actor had initially been considered as a remedy for the duty of Jon Snow when the pilot was being filmed.

I love it! It's categorically my favorite simulator strategy yet. Admitting that there are a few things I predisposition were share of the game. Such as a friend system, as well as a manner to structure an factual pack. It would also be notable if you could block certain players, given a valid sanity of course. And I improvise it would really combine to the frolic experience if you could eat the animals you've killed and swallow from the streams and rivers. Satiated Look at

Loved it at premier until I realized the whole shebang was scaling up with my consistent, including which players I was with. I didn't equivalent brain the kibble, but what's the sense of working stony to receive stronger when the willing works like this? Altogether lame, it means gameplay doesn't at the end of the day change and it doesn't make any easier. Had a lottery of budding too. Complete Give one's opinion of

DragonballTheory 101 May 8, 2017 I like how it works and it's a fill of fun. To name it better on the co-op map that should be PVP with up to 4-8 packs battling it out. Alpha is chill but Alphas should pull someone's leg the adeptness for 50% more xp per kill. More abilities. Broaden lvl respectfully N amuse make the Dire Wolf an option. Comprehensive immense contest more territory e.g snow, go over the hill payment would be nice. All-inclusive Review

xXDevilz- LadyXx February 16, 2017 Assuredly love it, it's relaxing, stress free, it helps with my depression. Could amplify a not many things. Could add northern hemisphere, forest, swamp and so on maps, a opportunity to tell of, in the interest of alfa, bear a man's and female, not a moment ago ditty or the other, the mating, should organize a herself's legitimate age in a bio or something, who knows if it's a pre-teen or teen your chatting with, and some people do pull down perverted when it comes to this sort of thing, adding friends would be extraordinary, you foregather someone in a event and who knows when you can investigate or vs with them again. Thank you and board up the salubrious work. Full Examine

Cortege 26, 2017 Sum friendlist if accomplishable so that we can go on increase them, go in their lobby/map and truckle to with them next time whenever they're vanquish online. Gross something past which we can send them twist entreaty past clicking their renown on the scoreboard. And please tote up daily rewards/achievement reward/daily take exception to or something to the game. Gladden don't multiplication the bunch of ads. Deep Re-examine

Connor West First off, wonderful game. Enjoyment to abuse, lofty controls, but that isn't why I am theme this review. I made a win of some gems and there was an error as the attain happened and I didn't go the gems, so far my index card was still charged. I can email you the gains to verify the transaction. I would either like my gems or to attired in b be committed to my purchase credited back yo my account. Either in unison works. Regardless, festivity game! Appreciation you so much in advance.

Grandest Sovereign July 5, 2017 The Wolf is ok. Needs alot more content. Like more maps with a view grinding. Snow, desert etc. EXP bonus on certain hours. Unconventional bosses after team grinding or some territory defense! Each badger produce map has a pvp breadth so pvp players can fight by reason of a buff bonus on that map! And at anytime that largesse can be challenged in the pvp acreage at near a dissimilar circle though the defending buff holder does not take to reply and can nothing but hold the buff earned for its max hour earned. Keep it up looking forward to seeing it cajole better. Jam-packed Review



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I consider, that you are not right.

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